Seeking Nothing was hosting talks in London before the pandemic

Seeking Nothing is home to the Integrated Awakenings Programme and offers consultations on seeking as well as the Nothing Cafe social experience for those looking to connect around the message.  Here is a quick overview of our roots in so called non-duality talks:

The talks we hosted were about the mystery of what this is which cannot be spoken but is sometimes pointed to using an expression of nothing and everything, the empty fullness or freedom for no one.
Seeking Nothing talks explored (and possibly blew up) false notions of self, spirituality, enlightenment, God and the idea that there is anything to ‘get’. This included the idea that there is even such a thing as ‘non-duality’.
Most of our speakers were aligned with The Open Secret message of Tony Parsons. Our London talks shone a spotlight, nay a laser like focus onto the nature of seeking which really got to the nub of the question of how people seem to experience being separate.
Over the past few years before the pandemic we hosted beautiful expressions from speakers with very different styles and characters including in no particular order:
Tim Cliss
Andreas Muller
Paul Morgan-Somers
Lisa Lennon
Richard Sylvestor
Lisa Cairns
Jim Newman
Naho Owada
We also held talks from other perspectives including Tom Das and Roger Castillo and beamed the beautiful poetry of Nancy Neithercut for Nancy’s first live meeting with a London audience!
Seeking Nothing talks highlighted that seeking isn’t something that a person does, it is what the person is. The so-called ‘me’, the seeker and the story are all one and the same thing. A lot of notions of separation were tied up in the idea that there was something called enlightenment which would happen, after which the sense of self would die and a lot of seekers were waiting for this event. However, liberation does not bring this outcome but rather is the dropping of this outcome as a possibility.
Seeking is the ‘problem’ and Seeking Nothing was the perfect name for an attempt to help those seeking realise that their search was utterly futile and pointless! Also – seeking isn’t being done by anyone, it is what is appearing as seeking energy – which therefore means it isn’t really a problem!
Seeking Nothing is grateful to all the speakers who have shared their words of apparent wisdom with us! 

We look forward to welcoming you on board



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