Seeking Nothing

Seeking Nothing was born out of a radical message where the whole idea of seeking is turned on its head. When seeking itself comes under the spotlight, there is a shift away from an ever out of reach destination, to the possibility that whatever is sought is already what is.

When seeking collapses so does the notion of individuality. That is because most people think they are seeking something whereas they are the seeking itself. Without investing in seeking, the notions of self are seen through and with it the sense of separation. There is a freedom that comes with the end of seeking where the drop and the ocean can no longer be distinguished. It is not so much the death of the ego as the recognition that there never was anyone.

Seeking Nothing as an organisation ran talks in London before the pandemic and hosted the forerunning speakers in the world on this area and will be returning with further talks.

In the mean time you can find Seeking Nothing on Facebook

Now the focus is moving more into the personal sphere to enable people who have experienced a loss of meaning and motivation in their daily life following awakening to regain a sense of purpose and move forwards with their lives. We have created the Meaning & Motivation Club which is currently running regular workshops to assist people looking at this. More details can be found on Seeking Nothing’s Facebook page.

Once you have finished seeking nothing, why not come and join us for a virtual drink in our live Zoom Nothing Café sessions where you can meet others who are no longer seeking.

There is no one being you. Freedom touches every aspect of life and although it is not anyone’s life, it makes your life more fully possible not less. The question of choice and the impersonal nature of the message do not preclude the possibility of the beautiful story of your life unfolding in a wonderful way. Nothing is written, nothing is set in stone, there is everything to play for!

“this is no one seeking seeking nothing”