consultations on seeking

Seeking is not a problem as such, but to the apparent seeker who wants to ‘get it’ or become something it maintains the whole notion of individuality by keeping the apparent existence of being a separate person.   If you would like to understand how seeking is playing itself out in your life these 1:1s provide dedicated space.  Neil is host of Seeking Nothing & has been immersed in this field for over twenty years. What possibly makes these consultations unique, is that as an ex-social worker, Neil is able to differentiate where a problem is not a seeking problem.  However, the core message of nothing being everything is untouchable by anything and there is no compromise on the message itself.   There is a reduced fee of £35 per session.  If you would like to book a time use the contact button or email

Disclaimer:  This is not a replacement for therapy and you should seek medical help where appropriate to look after your mental health.  


integrated awakenings programme

an opportunity to consolidate where you are at in life, examine your residual seeking, get clear on your awakening and move forwards in your personal life.  Groups are run monthly on Tuesdays or Thursdays for four sessions.

nothing cafe is a private group which is a growing community of people who want to connect with others.  it is an intimate space and not suitable for everybody.  there are some joining questions via the facebook group which is the gateway to the zooms.  Nothing cafe will be hosting talks about nothing and details of all its events can be found in the Facebook group.


The Integrated Awakening programme supports the awakened community with tools to see past rules which are no longer helpful and tackle an imprisoning mindset.  Life without a centre is liberating for no-one.  Paradoxically, even though no one is living their life, it becomes more deeply personal, more intimate and more alive!

You do not need to consider yourself anything to come on the programme.  You may not feel particularly awakened but you may have had something people describe as ‘ego-death’ or a glimpse in the past.  Or you may recently have been attending talks and want to make sense of  your life.

No.  The programme helps you to reflect back on these non-experiences and consolidate them so you can live life more fully.  No one becomes awake but by looking at the stories or collapse of seeking the insight gained can have a transformational effect on the character’s story.

Absolutely.  Some participants enjoy playing with ideas around the interplay between the impersonal and ‘personal’ together with sharing with others what awakened life looks like.  

This programme will defuse negative messages  and give you a way in to look at your whole mindset.  So if you are coasting come on the programme.  It is time to get back in the driving seat apparently – even though there is no one that can do that!

Yes absolutely!  Looking after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is important.  The programme is not a replacement for medical services nor is it therapy.  It falls under the area of coaching and works really well when you have all the other support you need in place.  It is your responsibility to follow the professional advice you are receiving.