Seeking Nothing

Presenting Ella May

“The self makes up stories, people talk about glimpses and awakenings and being a me and not being a me, this is all illusion.”

In her talks, Ella May gently unravels the idea of the ‘me’. With the unfolding of this message, we can feel ourselves becoming lighter and perhaps more able to see glimpses of this perspective for ourselves. She explains this as ‘a seeing’ where there is no ‘see-er’. In this ‘seeing’ it is recognised that everything is one, with no separation.

Ella describes non-duality as wholeness. If wholeness is whole, there’s nothing to be fulfilled. The self cannot exist as separate from wholeness. The self is still happening in wholeness but the self cannot see wholeness. There can be no self in the recognition of wholeness. Simple!

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NON-DUALITY is not a path or a religion, there is nothing to do , including taking onboard the idea that there is no one and nothing that can be done. Past all these states and ideas is what always remains. The peace that passes all understanding.

Ella May