Seeking Nothing

Presenting Paul Morgan-Somers

“Paul has a simple way of pointing us away from the content of our thinking, to the energy behind all life.”

At 15 years old and an apprentice football player for Cardiff City Football Club, Paul felt the sense to sit quietly in his back garden when he had a profound awakening. Within 18 months the idea of a separate self-had fallen away. Paul left his sleepy village off the coast of West Wales and spend the next 5 years in a Vedantic Monastery playing in the love and wonderment of what Is.

Thirty years later he decided to share his story and his perspective. He now travels all over the world to speaking engagements to talk about what he fondly calls the ocean, talking about THIS which he says is Silence Singing & Stillness Dancing.

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NON-DUALITY is a song that comes from some characters. And the song comes out of nothing.

Paul Morgan-Somers