Seeking Nothing

Presenting Roger Castillo

“Suffering is very common but it’s not our true nature, intuitively this is known and that’s why seeking happens.”

Roger brings his practical philosophy from Australia, where he spends time enjoying the sounds of nature, solitude and visits from family and friends. From an early age he recalls a natural inquisitiveness towards the nature and mechanics of all sorts of things. He was constantly observing and theorising.

Although there was already a strong spiritual bent, it wasn’t until his late twenties that life introduced the notion of enlightenment and the underlying non-dual nature of life. When this happened all the cells in his body shouted ‘yes’ and there was an unexplainable faith that trusted what had been read. From that point everything else faded into insignificance next to the quest that had been ignited.

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NON-DUALITY talks are one of the most powerful tools that the divine uses to forge a path back to the heart of Being.

Roger Castillo