Seeking Nothing Nonduality Events

Seeking Nothing hosts nonduality speakers at events in London and the details of 2018’s calendar are here as well as links to find out more about the speakers.  More details are mailed out a few weeks before each meeting.  Subscribing to our mailing list is the best way to get the latest information.  Please feel free to explore our Facebook page /seekingnothing for more content.

What follows is an attempt to explain the radical idea of nonduality.  Again, different speakers talk about nonduality differently and will have different perceptions about it.  Refer to their sites for more information.

Radical Nondualism

This ‘non-duality’ that is banded about by different so-called liberated speakers is nothing.  There is no such thing as non-duality and nothing to get.  Just like there is nothing to be achieved through self-inquiry or sitting still on a mountain there is not a level of understanding to reach either and the conversations held at non-duality meetings are completely pointless.

Who is speaking?  Reportedly, at the point of the death of the individual, there is a transient recognition that the individual never was.   However, when this utterly impersonal message is communicated, it cannot be heard by anyone.  It gets filtered through a perceptive filter which converts it into something much more palatable, namely a story.  By taking a stance on the message, it becomes objectified, solidified and over time fossilized.

Now non-duality becomes a thing, albeit sooo subtle/sophisticated/advanced/metaphysical/insert-preference-here, it can be treated like anything else, and a course of action prescribed for it to be obtained.  Nonduality is about what things are and are not.  It is pointing to the insubstantiality of all things and is descriptive. However, while there can be a sense of this, as long as the story machine is running, it is seen as another actionable drama.  Therefore, instead of the individualistic view collapsing, the notions of non-duality are taken into the sphere of the person’s world and melded into an individualistic worldview or paradigm.  The words however beautifully descriptive when they left the speaker’s mouth become prescriptive by the time they arrive on the individual’s earUnheard.  Successfully disinfected, the story machine runs on!

Many that attend nonduality meetings have exhausted traditional spiritual methods or have been left wanting.  What started with a dissatisfaction with the sense of separation is inherited by the me-drive and the seeker is spawned.

Nonduality, not-two.  There it is, an attempt to describe what is.  It must be a statement of how things already are even when the sense of separation is there. Surely, then the me-ness which appears is included in this all-encompassing definition.  Otherwise, if separation were real there would be two.  Nonduality by definition has to mean there is nowhere else and nothing other than this.  So the sense of separation is not a problem.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with that sensation, it does not feel like that to the individual who feels imprisoned.  But the idea that one needs to get rid of the self is a carrot that will keep the individual locked into the role of seeker.  So on the one hand, ME is an illusion.  On the other, the me-sensation is nothing me-ing.

This reframe of the same sensation is the gateway to an impersonal view.  Similarly, there are times in meetings where nonduality is heard, it goes in and bypasses the me entirely.  Bearing in mind the self has no actual power, it cannot prevent this message being heard.  That said, what is being pointed to is not conceptual and is beyond words.

Without a separate consciousness the emptiness is stark and total.  A glimpse or awakening can feel like an abyss opening up and swallowing you whole.  However, nonduality is not nihilism it is only the self which is illusory.  In its absence, instead of detachment there is fullness, engagement, connection, life.

If this me-sensation is over-accentuated, it can lead to the ultimate aggrandisement of the self because it is seen to be everything me-ing.  The self becomes the Self or ‘I’ which is the whole universe.  However, the sensation of ‘I’ has no special significance and is simply like any other sensation.  It is everything manifesting in whatever form it appears, a chair, a room, a body, a thought, a feeling, sky, birds, pixels and selfies.

So many questions can arise as the individual tries to make sense of what is heard at these meetings.  If this was a religion or cult or some other purposeful body with an agenda, there would be a body of information that could be referred to (the Holy Book of Non Duality?) and there would be concrete answers.  For those looking for answers, there is a marketplace to go to to find them.  As the nondual response to questions is impersonal, it contains the death-element of the source of the question, namely the illusory nature of the self.  The response suffocates air-time for individuality in a way that is always fresh.

For there is no self, there is no one there coming to meetings asking questions and going about their apparent life trying to make it work better.  It is nothing seeking seeking nothing; hence the name seekingnothing… and all the concepts that ensue like time, free-will, cause and effect, the mind, the world are simply appearances which are baseless.  The illusion, the total mind-fuck in all this, is that the sensation of me points to a self, yet that self being pointed to isn’t.  There is no self for anyone!  Similarly, a thought occurring must surely require a mind to think it?!  Plot spoiler:  It doesn’t.  There is no inhabitant in the body.  The whole body of ideas and beliefs about the self are not supported.

At this point, given how unpopular this message is, it would be the obvious point to suggest some potential benefits or positive effects of hearing the message.  However, to expand on the benefits would be to colour life as if there were some moral essence or balance in favour of things being positive rather than whole.  Nonduality is unpredictable and holistic, it is order in chaos and pure chaos in order.  It is beautiful and terrifying.

Modern science is approaching this in some way, the relatively new field of neuroscience has already discovered there is no self.  The brain is not a computer, but an interweaving set of nodules that send messages to produce this grand memory storage and retrieval unit.  There is no need for an actual self or core identity to explain how the brain works.  In a sense, nothing is doing it.  Meanwhile, particle physicists have seen substance as essentially empty for a long time now, Nobel Prize winner Franc Wilczek’s The Lightness of Being for the layperson is one of a myriad of examples.  Science does not trump mysticism though, because it is confined to the parameters of a physical universe that can be measured and is necessarily dualistic and falls short.  Nondualism by contrast is complete.  It is totally inclusive and even includes the illusory-I which is the root of all this confusion.  The ‘I’ which attaches itself to passing objects and lays claim to them attempts to justify its involvement, nay requirement.

This message that is spoken about is what is.  There is only this.  Everything that appears to be scribed about history appears in this timeless isness, the history books do not point to somewhere else where something actually happened for real.

This message has been declared, sung, written and painted for thousands of years and it is a message of complete beautiful perfect freedom of life however imperfect it looks to the dissatisfied individual.  Nature is unresolving.  There is no mission or purpose to this, to any of it.

This is not happening in anything or because of anything.  It is not that Oneness or God is producing this or that the world is sitting on some platform.  Yes, it clearly has the quality of intelligence and remarkable consistency.  But despite this it is not by design and the intelligence is not a human rationality.  There is no intention or separate consciousness.  So the relative and the particular, the noumenon and phenomenon, the subjective and the objective are all one and the same!  It’s this.

And so what is obvious to no one is that it doesn’t happen.  Nothing happens.  There is no light at the end of the tunnel, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is no enlightenment, there is only this.  Thus the end of any point or anything to get to, the death of the individual (which never was).