Explore non-duality in London

Our gatherings with each speaker usually take place over a weekend, once a month.



Andreas Muller Talk on Non-duality – Sat 13th & Sun 14th April 2019

Tickets price £35/day* now on sale!

“There is no message. There is nothing to reach and nothing to gain.  All there is, is what is.  It is whole and complete already – amazingly as it is.” 

Andreas Muller

Full details of the event can be found here

To pay on door – email neilsanis@outlook.com

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*note change from previous.



Richard Sylvester Talk on Non-duality and Liberation – Saturday, 9th February – One Day Event from 10-30am-4.30pm

Details of Richard Sylvester’s event on Saturday 9th February can be found here

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(please note that tickets for Richard Sylvester’s event on Sat 9th is pay on the door only so is not listed on Eventbrite)