Andreas Müller

There is no reality separate from the natural reality. There is no going beyond, no border to cross, no other side. There is no other.

“There is no message, no hints, no path, no method, no goal, nothing that is to be reached. That is the miracle.”

In his talks, Andreas breaks down energetic setup of ‘I am‘, which is exposed as illusory. His message of Timeless Wonder points to what already is – the natural reality which is no-thing.

Andreas was born in Germany in 1979. At the age of 16 he came into contact with drugs. Seven years later, having been overwhelmed by intense drug use he decided to seek the joy in a more natural way, through spirituality. In 2009 Andreas met Tony Parsons, where he first and truly heard the message of uncompromising non-duality. Since 2011, encouraged by Tony Parsons, Andreas has given talks throughout the world.


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