Jim Newman

Jim Newman

NON DUALITY turns the way one normally thinks of enlightenment and spirituality on its head. Non duality is a revolution. The simplicity of the message is absolutely undeniable.

“It, this, is everything, completely impersonal and has nothing to do with what the separate sense feels or thinks.”

Jim speaks with unmistakable clarity as he describes the conundrum of the separate self. He takes his non-duality message around the world. He currently lives in Vienna, Austria where he holds monthly meetings.

Meetings with Jim Newman uncover the mystery, the unexpected and the indescribable absoluteness of “what is”. Through undermining the illusory normal – the personal – the natural is revealed. In the meetings there is no dependence on logic or reason. Many expressions in the meetings are patently illogical and unreasonable. There is a simple pointing to the undeniable that “what is” is everything, all-inclusive, not two, no real subject, no real object. What is, is not new and simultaneously only new. There is nothing on offer for the person, not even for the expectation, that there should or even could be a different or better “what is”.

There can be a resonance, love, a sense of coming home. The meetings can be permission for “what is” to be what is.


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