Lisa Lennon

Lisa Lennon

The seeker looks for what it thinks is oneness. Unbeknown the seeker is oneness itself appearing to seek. All that is, is a wild mystery, free and untouchable by the one that calls itself me.

“It is not the me that is looking for freedom.
It is freedom appearing as a me looking.”

Lisa used to believe she was someone, with a life that had a beginning and an end.

After the collapse of this dream of me all that was left is what is, what is happening. Nothing in the dream of me brought this about.

Lisa used to think that seeking for the truth would result in some kind of enlightenment or awakening. It was revealed that this was a story appearing, that all that was ever looked for was already here; appearing as everything.

Lisa gives regular talks and live streams talking about this is a love affair with nothing and everything. Lisa lives in Spain in the beautiful Andalusian mountains.


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