Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester

“What we are talking about here is anarchy. No kind of authority can use this in any way.There are no rues for playing the game of oneness. This is anathema to churches and temples and makes all priests and gurus redundant.

I do not give advice, but if I did, it would be to relax and enjoy whatever simple things you like doing. Until the everyday can be enjoyed, the miracle of this is being missed.”

Richard Sylvester is a humanistic psychologist, therapist and lecturer. He has written five books, including four on non-duality. These include ‘I Hope You Die Soon’ and ‘Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers’. His latest book is about his many years of seeking and is called ‘Confessions of a Seeker, Adventures in Spirituality, Therapy and Belief’.

For those who would like to read a little, here is an excerpt from Richard’s site which we thought you might find inspiring, or scroll down further for video links:-

“Awakening for this character was a split second event. In that split second what was seen clearly was that there is no-one, there is no person. The personal identity simply dropped away suddenly and completely and what was left was awareness without any person mediating it. Nisargadatta says that seeing ‘I’ am nothing is wisdom.

“I’m describing awakening as if it’s something that happens but it’s important to stress that, however paradoxical or mysterious this sounds, actually nothing happens. I mean that in both senses of the phrase. For the first time ever in this apparent life nothing is seen to be happening. Nothing is seen to be creating all of this. And so although it has to be talked about as an event that appears to happen in time let me emphasise that it’s not a personal experience because there is nobody there having the experience.

In that split second of awakening it is seen that this is timeless eternity. This is nothing manifesting as everything in timeless eternity. Then a split second later in the story of time the person is back and everything is just as it was before. Except that the person’s mouth may be hanging open in astonishment and they may be thinking “What the hell was that?” And that’s it, it’s over. That’s awakening. It didn’t happen to me. It simply happened and this character is here talking about it. There may be other ways of awakening but that’s how it was here and that’s how I’ve heard other people describe it.

For this character awakening happened in a very spiritual place, at Charing Cross Station (laughs). If people want to make pilgrimages there it was Platform Five. It’s only Platform Five that has this power. What happened for this character is that things were never the same after that. It’s as if there’s an enormous release of energy in that split second event and when the person comes back, although they may still be unhappy and they may still be seeking, irrevocable changes have taken place. Parts of the person never come back.

What happened about a year later was another event. Again this happened in the most prosaic setting. It was actually in a shop in the country town where I live. I can’t mention its name. They’ve asked me not to mention its name because they don’t want to be besieged by hundreds of people (laughs). They can’t handle the flowers that are laid there. I was standing in this shop when the person disappeared again but this time in a more gentle way and within the story for a longer period of time.  Again this was not an experience. It was not something that happened to a person in time but nevertheless we have to use language to talk about it so let me try to describe it even though it’s indescribable.

What was seen in that disappearance was that awareness is everything and everywhere. There is only awareness and awareness arises as everything. So ‘I’ and ‘you’, ‘here’ and ‘there’, ‘now’ and ‘then’, all lost their meaning. Awareness was seen to be both where the person was and where the walls were and in the space in between. Actually separation was seen to be non-existent so it is misleading to talk about a separate person and walls and the space in between. And there’s no way I can explain the next thing I’m going to say. All I can do is report on it. What was seen as well was that awareness is also unconditional love. Everything is unconditional love. This is undeniable when liberation is seen.

This way of seeing lasted for a certain amount of time during which all sense of localisation ended. So there was no person anywhere, there was simply awareness. There was no sense at all of a separate person.

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