Roger Castillo

Roger Castillo

Non-duality talks are one of the most powerful tools that the divine uses to forge a path back to the heart of Being.

“Suffering is very common but it’s not our true nature, intuitively this is known and that’s why seeking happens.”

Roger, who is now in his mid 40’s, was born in Malta and from the age of 11 grew up in Perth, Western Australia. He now takes his practical philosophy of peace of mind in daily living around the world enthusiastically sharing it with anyone interested.

Although blessed with a calm, curious and contemplative temperament from a young age, it wasn’t until his late twenties that life introduced the notion of “enlightenment” and “the underlying non-dual nature of life”. When this happened all the cells in his body shouted ‘yes’ and an unexplainable faith and curiosity drove him forward on a quest to know this in its fullest.

Over several years starting in the late 90’s a mystical and magical process took place bringing about much insight and change, and eventually in practical terms, the end of suffering.

Roger now shares from his own direct experience a teaching which was instrumental in bringing about what he terms as “a consistent recognition of our ever-present connection to Source” and in practical terms delivers an unwavering sweet peace and contentment with life.

Roger met his beloved teacher Sri Ramesh Balsekar in July 2005 and much of what Roger shares is inspired by the time spent with Ramesh until his death in September 2009.


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