Tom Das

Tom Das

You cannot end the ego, for there is no ego. How can you end that which is non-existent? Seeing this is called ‘ending the ego’.

Seeking Nothing welcomes an established speaker about non-duality, Tom Das. There is a fascinating article about Tom’s perspective on spiritual practice here.

Although, the ‘pure’ message of liberation, is one that is uncaused and free-will is seen as a mismomer, many so-called seekers have arrived at this message *after* years of spiritual practice. Some practices continue alongside attending non-dual meetings, if you have questions regarding particular practices then Tom is always happy to assist. What is the place for Spiritual Practice in enlightenment and what are your thoughts?

Here are a couple of quotes from Tom:

“It’s so easy to convince the ego there’s something more it has to do in order to be ‘awakened’ or ‘realised’. There is always a greater state of mind to be attained, a greater realisation to be had, a greater level of emotional balance to be developed, more psychic/yogic/magical powers that you still don’t have. There is always the spiritual carrot dangling in front of you reminding you that ‘you don’t got it yet’. And the ego is always looking to get that carrot. The ego doesn’t want to just let that carrot dangle there. But this is the essential problem, for there is no ego. By ego I mean doer, or the idea that you are some kind of autonomous or semi-autonomous entity that can chose what to think and do. I’ll say it again: there is no ego, there is no doer.

All practices, all teachings are for the ego. Can you see that? It is the ego that is listening to the spiritual teaching, it is the ego that is trying to get somewhere, it is the ego that wants to be enlightened/awakened/self-realised/free of suffering.”

“A period everyday of being away from thoughts, upon which ignorance depends, is of a great benefit and can greatly quicken the spiritual search.”

Actually doing a formal practice, as opposed to simply talking about silence and so on, is one of the best ways of taking the spiritual quest out of the mind or intellect, and transforming clever concepts into genuine spiritual understanding and insight.

Not doing a spiritual practice is one of the best ways of remaining caught in the clutches of the intellect and ego for years to come. Often the mind will come up with reasons and select teachings that say no practice is required, so beware the tendency of the ego to find a way to perpetuate itself rather than foster its own demise.

That said, no single teaching applies to everyone, so please explore, find, and follow your own way through all of this.” Nothing happened, no awakening, no enlightenment, and no liberation. Nothing changed and everything changed. Everything is the same and everything is different when nothing is mine or could possibly be mine. This is total poverty and wealth beyond imagination.


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